I have made a few logo’s over the years. Most for fictional situations, and for myself.


One of the logo styles that is trending now has a bit of a puzzle in it, like this:

WordPuzzle Logos

Also simple 2D graphics and retro types are trending:

Circles Panic Logo


A nice effect of a downloaded filter plug-in can help create interesting pattern.

Electronics Logo


The company I work for separates waste for recycling, so I gave the logo a nature look.EcoSmartLogo 1.1 Fade Original_s1EcoSmartLogo 2.6 S


For my own website I had a few logo’s, and there is some progression in them.Terrabits Logo 3 NewTerrabits.eu Logo 4Terrabits Logo

Planet Logo 2.2 Crop

And another possibility, which didn’t work.

Terrabits Shield

For my initials I made something similar to JRR Tolkiens logo, which I later put on a shield.SignatureTerrabits Shield

For a random school in a random city I made this logo, just for fun.Amstelveen College Logo 1.2s -LAmstelveen College Logo 2C

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