Board Games

I’ve also made a few game boards recently.

I made a board for a bible-based Trivial Pursuit, for which we made the questions ourselves. All the images are from publications about the bible, and are relevant to questions in the game. The board has been printed and applied to an official trivial pursuit board, and we’ve played it with a lot of people.


Also, my brother discovered 4-player chess a while ago. He has made a simple custom board himself, but asked me to make one with an island as base, with buildings as villages for each player. It is yet to be printed. Below are the various options we tried.

4Chess 1.3.5 + Icons 2.1 Alt4Chess 1.3.5 + Icons 2.1


Not really a board game but a card game, quartet. Because of the Trivial Pursuit board, and some of the questions it has, I decided to make a quartet game to help learn some of the lists like the 12 apostles and 12 judges and such.