I have worked with Terragen since 2002, starting with Terragen classic (or 0.9), and with Terragen 2 and 3 as soon as they came out. I even Beta tested a bit. I keep trying to find new and innovative things to do with the software, gladly taking advantage of new features as they are added.

I even managed to complete a few animations, though most took too long to render, or were too low quality to actually show people…


Also, check out the 360 spherical scenes made in Terragen 3

A little bit

A little bit of the things I make with Terragen, although a lot ends up not quite finished enough to be satisfied with…

cloudblocks-night-box cloudblocks-night cloudblocks cloud-pebble-02 cloud-pebble-0 oahu-2-lightning-2-tg4bridges-stone-final-sbridges-fantasy-final bridges-stone-storm-finalbridges-fantasy-storm-final4chess-1-3-4-straight-1-54chess-1-3-4-straight-1-34chess-1-3-4-straight-1-24chess-1-3-4-straight-1-6mountain-road-0-7mountain-road-0-4mine-tunnel-1-4copper-canyon-2-0-1river-valley-2-0lighthouse-0-7lighthouse-2-1copper-canyon-1-3-1 Hanging Valley 5.5 Hanging Valley 5.1  Hanging Valley 5.3 FX Hanging Valley 4.4 Woods 01 Rock Obj 2.1 Rock Obj 0.2 Tonemap Fake Holes 5 Diamonds FX Beach Sunset Big New Huge Tonemap Final S Clouds Redirect 5 tonemap Cave 5 Cave 4 IotW 106 Extra Cloudy 3 Post Parting Sea 2.2 Oahu 2.1 Vietnamese Bay 03 Hillll Backward Remake 5.2.0 Light Hillll Beyond Pink Fogg Remake 1.1Heavy Heart Towers 2.1HElven Village Inn Statue Eclipse 03.3






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